Studio Monitor Express

In addition to all the application control features the MC Pro includes monitoring controls situated in the top left of the surface.

The System 5-MC is packaged with the Studio Monitor Express software, which resides on the application workstation and controls the way audio is routed between applications that support ASIO or Apple's Core Audio hardware and the ASIO or Core Audio hardware itself.

ASIO and Core Audio applications send their audio outputs through the Studio Monitor Express application, which acts as a monitoring system. The Studio Monitor Express outputs feed directly into any ASIO or Core Audio hardware I/O and is controlled from the MC Pro surface providing the workstation with a professional surround sound monitor matrix and supporting multiple speaker outputs each with formats up to 5.1. Studio Monitor Express can be setup from the MC Pro's touchscreen.

Studio Monitor Pro Option
For film dubbing and large mixing applications Studio Monitor Express can be upgraded to Studio Monitor Pro which adds many features.