Transport & Machine Control

The MC controller can access the extensive machine control facilities of the DAW. SMPTE or MIDI timecode and locate registers can be permanently displayed on the MC’s touch screen.

An optional external synchronizer, compatible with the DAW may be used for multiple machine control. The System 5-MC controls this through the DAW via EUCON if the DAW supports this control.

The MC’s SmartSwitches can be set to act as machine control and transport switches, plus custom locate switches can easily be programmed and added to the surface.

the 10 SmartSwitches above the trackball are usually selected to act as transport controls with dual color displays for showing green when in play and red when recording.

The great thing about the MC is that the user can program these switches to manage any transport or sync function in any order, to exactly match the transport layout that they feel is most appropriate for their way of working.