Controlling DAW Tracks from the Channel Strips

DAW tracks may be brought up onto the System 5-MC for fader and knob control of parameters.

The MC Pro's touchscreen is used to select DAW Tracks to the channel strips. This can also be done from the channel strips by scrolling through a list of available tracks using the fader.

The way tracks are laid out on the surface can be saved as ‘Layouts’. A Layout does not save parameters just the way tracks are brought up on the surface. Layouts can be easily recalled to bring up different sets of tracks to the surface for easy access to hundreds of tracks, grouped logically together for simple and straightforward operation. For example, one layout could be all the percussion tracks, another all the vocal tracks, another could be a combination of drum, keyboard and guitar masters together with the main vocal tracks. Tracks can be locked to particular faders if necessary. The System 5-MC can also access tracks in banks with page and nudge up/down.

A single strip can also be set to control the master for a set of 6 surround tracks in a 5.1 source, for example.

The 8 knobs can be selected to control the tracks eq, dynamics, or the plug-ins, selecting between these from the channel or from the touchscreen. Anyone familiar with the System 5 will instantly be able to recognize how to operate the System 5-MC channel strips as they have the same control set.