Bus & Monitor Setup

Four different screens allow for mix bus, group bus, external monitor input and monitor fold-down setup from within the eMix program (click links below to see high res screens).

Mix Bus Setup
16 Mix Sections (or Stems) are available. For each Section the Mix Bus setup screen allows th engineer to select how many buses will be in that section and what is the format for these buses. A Section could be a stereo pair, or a full 7.1 set of 8 buses.

Group Bus Setup
Group buses are numbered and cannot be named. It is possible to set each bus to a different format, for example the first 6 buses could be set to a 5.1 format. However it is more usual to simply set these as stereo pairs, exactly the same way as traditional multi-track group buses. The mix buses are moresuited to surround format use.

Fold Down
The way formats are folded down in the monitor section can be setup. This determines how a 5.1 format source will be folded down when the monitors are switched to monitor in stereo, for example, or from stereo to mono. For each formatthe summing levels can be set individually to within 100th dB.

Up to 72 external devices are available and can be set to be any format andcan also be named such as 5.1 format DVD player or stereo CD player.