DF66 and DF70 DSP SuperCores with MADI I/O & Router

The DSP SuperCore provides:

The new lightweight and compact DF66 and DF70 DSP SuperCores are the signal-processing engine and router for System 5 and Max Air digital mixing consoles. A broadcast system is comprised of two SuperCores, each with up to eight plug-in SP663 DSP cards,and a CO660 changeover switch for 100% secure redundant operation. The new SuperCores have more than enough DSP horsepower, system functionality, and reliability tosatisfy today’s demanding broadcast applications.

DSP SuperCore Features
The DSP SuperCore is packed with advanced features that stand out from the competition:

100% Secure Changeover
For broadcast installations Avid supplies a backup DSP SuperCore in parallel with the primary unit and is the only total redundancy system available on the market -another Avid first. This ensures complete redundancy of the MADI I/O, Router and DSP Processing!

All audio signals are distributed to both the primary and backup DSP cores. If the diagnostics system detects a fault the operator is notified and given the option to changeover the system. Linked DSP SuperCores in the primary and backup systems work as one contiguous DSP core. The changeover function switches all I/O over to the backup system.

SNMP System Management
The SuperCore can be fitted with optional SNMP System Management Controller which remotely monitors a wide variety of internal system conditions and notifies the user to take action to avert system failure via email, pager or the web. Battery backup ensures operation even when power fails.

SC264 Studio Computer
The new SC264 Studio Computer runs the eMix software which includes the file management system and the PatchNet software. It includes twin drives set up as a RAID array for redundant storage of all data. There is a separate keyboard and mouse for this computer and an external screen for showing the eMix software. Alternatively, instead of an external screen, a CM411 Video Display Module (similar to a CM409-F blank module but with a TFT display) can be purchased to have the eMix display integrated into the main console surface.

The SC264 includes an Ethernet port for connection to the System 5 LAN and is fitted with two controller cards: