System 5 has five monitor outputs; Control Room (main and two alternates), and the SLS/Cue outputs Mon A, B, C and D. Each of the 5 monitor feeds can select from external inputs configured as External Devices, the Mix Sections (Stems) both bus and playback return, and the aux sends.

The format of the main control room monitors, and Mon A can handle up to an 8 output surround format. Even the Alt 1 outputs can handle 6 speakers which is very useful for a second set of control room speakers when mixing in surround. Group outputs are usually monitored on the strips but can also be picked up by the External inputs using PatchNet.

Main Panel
The main panel in the center section is used for making monitor selections as well as for many other functions including saving and loading Layouts, Meter Presets and SnapShots. It is very simple to operate with a straightforward menu structure and designations which describe functions next to the actual keys. The External Monitor Selection is shown opposite for selecting external sources to the Control Room Monitors.

External Inputs
Up to 72 devices may be configured for External sources in any surround format up to 7.1. The monitor matrix is intelligent and automatically selects the appropriate monitor format to match the source’s format.

Digital Monitoring
An option for the Main CR and Studios to be digitally controlled is available.