Transport & Locate Controls

Machine control is carried out from the center section panel shown opposite.

Commands are designed for simple and fast operation. Locate functions will be familiar to engineers as they match conventions of traditional reel-to-reel machines.

Twin displays show the current time and the locate time.

Cue Points
A cue system is included which is shown on the screen above the center section. Cues can be created on-the-fly, named and trimmed.

Timecode Calculator
The keypad can be used as a timecode calculator, either by entering full timecode values or by using existing cue points.

TT007 Multiple Machine Control
The Avid TT007 is a multiple machine controller option that enables System 5 to become the centralized hub for machine control within any studio. It is unique in that it allows the engineer simultaneous control of each machine connected to the TT007 which is extrememly useful in a studio that includes a console, tape machines, video machines and MIDI sequencers. It has three 9-pin serial ports and three Midi Machine Control ports.