System 5 Multiple Operator Film Dubbing

The System 5 can be supplied from single to three-operator configurations, each operator having access to film monitoring panels, dedicated automation, joystick panning and multi-operator solo functionality. These large systems can be configured with hundreds of inputs and up to 48 mix buses.

It is becoming increasingly more popular to install single operator systems for smaller film facilities and long format post-production applications. These System 5 consoles still benefit from the film monitoring panels and joystick panning but only have one automation file system.

CM403-F/J Film Module
The form factor of the CM403 is the same as the standard control module. The architecture is also the same as other modules with a single Ethernet port connecting the module to the system via the 100-BaseT Eucon switch. The CM403 houses a TFT and fits three same-size panels (i.e., the Film Post Panel and/or the Dual-Joystick Panel). The film panel can be placed above or below the joysticks depending on the preference of the operator. The user has the option of placing their own motion controller into the spare panel.

Machine Control
Film environments often require both operators to share control over the machines. Machine control commands from two consoles can be combined.

Track Arming
System 5 supports track arming up to 48 tracks of a single machine via MMC or P2. The 48 mix buses are hard-mapped to the 48 tracks. To support arming over multiple P2 machines (i.e., eight 6-track, six 8-track, or two 24-track machines), a third-party device that distributes 48 tracks from one P2 port to multiple P2 ports is required (contact customer support for more information).

Whenever a channel is in solo, on either the primary or secondary surface, any sources currently assigned to the monitors are temporarily removed (i.e., externals and returns). The monitors automatically source the direct outputs from the console buses. When the channel is no longer in solo, the monitors revert to their setup prior to the solo.