Pan Controls

Pan Formats
Years of experience in the film world allows Avid to include powerful surround features not found on other systems, with an extremely simple user interface. For surround Mix Sections (Stems) the following pan controls are available:

Multi-Format Masters and Spill
Stereo sources or surround sources such as a 5.1 pre-mix, or the 6 sources in an audio sub-group (in the case of 5.1) can be controlled from a single control strip called a Multi-Format Master to save on space and to make adjustments, including routing, much simpler. A function called Spill allows the component sources of the Multi-Format Master to be brought up on the surface, for individual adjustment of each element, at the push of the channel select button on the Multi-Format Master or Control Group.

Panning Display
Pan ScreenWhenever pan is being adjusted the display above the channel indicates the pan position.

An optional dual joystick panel is available. Each joystick can be assigned to any channel or group of channels. Joysticks are touch sensitive and have a matrix which displays the automation null value.

Track Panner
Another panning option is a four fader wide module fitted with a trackball. This operates on the currently selected channel to allow signals to be moved around the surround space more easily than with multiple knobs.