Channel Meter Display

The meters above each strip may be set to show any source, Mix, Group or Aux bus. Single or dual meters can be selected. For example, all strips could have the source fader signal plus the first 48 strips could also show the mix bus levels. The example shown to the right has been configured with a single input meter displaying the source signal (channel 1) and a dynamics meter.

The meter is accurate to within 1/4dB from 0dBfs down to 48dBfs and displays clip indication. The green bar to the left of the meter lights showing the approach to peak level.

If the strip is set to a Multi-Format Master that has stereo or surround format then the meter at the top of the strip will show stereo or Surround metering.

It is also possible to set up the channel meters so that they display metering for both the Main and Swap sources at the same time.

Meter Presets
Meter presets allow the setup of meter combinations to be stored and named for later recall -24 are available. One setup could contain primary sourcemeters together with mix bus signals, another Aux sends.

EQ / Dynamics / Pan Display
Whenever EQ, Dynamics, and Pan are being controlled on the knobset, a graphicaldisplay illustrates what is happening to the audio.

Channel Routing Display
Source routing to the mix and group buses are also displayed. The example shown top right is displaying the routing to the 48 group buses, with bus 1 & 2selected.