System Components

Control Surface
S5 Fusion includes the System 5 control surface with a new look charcoal finish complete with 8 to 56 channel strips, a master module, and a blank module with screen for the eMix software and joysticks. Each channel strip includes a multiformat moving fader, 8 touch-sensitive knobs for EQ, filters, compressor, expander/gate, aux, pan, and TDM, VST, and Audio Units DAW plug-in control. The high-resolution screens show multi-format metering, track info and routing display.

New Digital Processing Cards
The new expandable SC264D system computer provides DSP channels each with EQ and dynamics processing, delay, and surround panning to multi-format mix, group and aux busses.

EUCON Hybrid
What elevates S5 Fusion above other mixing systems is EUCON Hybrid. EUCON is a control protocol developed by Avid which allows high-speed Ethernet control of any application. Apple’s Logic Pro, Merging’s Pyramix, Steinberg’s Nuendo, MOTU’s Digital Performer and Apogee’s Maestro all directly support EUCON for the ultimate in control integration. EUCON also supports control of applications such as Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro.

Operations such as system setup, file management, patching, and diagnostics are managed by a program called eMix which runs with a screen and keyboard, usually situated next to the console. PatchNet, a powerful digital patching system that handles patching for all the console’s inputs and outputs, replaces a traditional patchbay with a system that can store and recall every single patch that is made.

The S5 Fusion comes with 4 MADI inputs and outs, expandable to 8 MADI ins and outs by adding an extra DSP cards. A Avid MA703 MADI converter for monitors is included using up one of the MADI outputs.