The Control Modules

The S5 Fusion surface is modular and comes with three different types of modules (see opposite page for 5ft S5 Fusion package surface ):

S5 Fusion Frame
The S5 Fusion frame is available in three sizes supporting 5, 7 or 9 modules.

The main console modules connect to the equipment rack via Ethernet cables for extremely simple hookup, allowing the surface to be placed long distances from the rack. The CM401-T Master Control Module also includes talkback wiring.

The illustration below shows the 5-module frame. Widths for the three frame sizes are

Typical Equipment Rack

The rack below shows an S5 Fusion system equipment rack. The MA703 is used for monitor feeds. The standard S5 Fusion has 4 MADI ins and 4 MADI outs - each MADI can handle up to 64 channels at 48Khz totalling 256x256 signal paths. These are the audio inputs and outputs to the Avid DSP channels and buses. One of the MADI outs is used for the MA703 monitor feed MADI to analog converter. Adding an extra DSP card adds 4 extra MADI ins and outs, up to a total of 8 MADI I/O (512 x 512 signal paths) with two DSP Cards. Connections to and from the MADI I/O can be made to any MADI converters including the full Avid range of modular and multi-channel converters shown on page 28. 3rd party MADI I/O can also be used. One of the cheapest and most effective ways to connect DAWs is to use MADI PCI cards such as the RME Hammerfall DSP MADI card.

S5 Fusion 5-module frame dimensions: