Ross OverDrive Production Control System

In real-world application, this means that an operator can premix a live segment in rehearsal while OverDrive controls the On-Air program elements. By hiding these automated channels, distractions to the operator are minimized as well as the chance of accidental disruption of the On-Air program. When the live performance begins, OverDrive controls the transistion submasters while the operator continues to control the live balance. Of course, automated elements can be quickly and easily recalled to the surface for On-Air adjustment. These adjustments are registered by the OverDrive system and can then be stored into the OverDrive playlist events for future programs.

The centralized control offered by OverDrive gives the ability to execute a more consistent, sophisticated production on the air without increasing staffing levels.

Ross OverDrive Production Control System
Avid Digital Audio Mixing Systems for Broadcast Now Integrate with Ross OverDrive Production Control System

System 5-B and Max Air console integration with OverDrive offers more consistent and sophisticated production. Avid now features integration with the Ross OverDrive Production Control System available in their Synergy Series Production Switchers. OverDrive offers centralized control of many studio devices including servers, routers, and robotic cameras, as well as the audio console. The system's Rundown Control playlist software allows for fully automated productions.

Avid integration is available in all latest release System 5-B, System 5-BP and Max Air consoles. This optional software upgrade requires no additional hardware and enables external control of all channel faders, on/off switches, pans, and PFL. Other console functions will be added in future releases. The feature can be enabled or disabled locally on the fly to allow seamless transitions between audio-follow-video functionality and manual operation.

In some environments, audio-follow-video is used to complement an audio operator. Transitions and set show segments are automated while an audio operator is required mix complex segments such as live bands. Through Avid's flexible control surface architecture, channels that have been designated for control by OverDrive may be hidden from the surface. An audio operator therefore has access to all console faders while the OverDrive simultaneously controls other console resources in the background. A version that works with Sony video switches is also available.