Level 3 HUI & Mackie Control Over Ethernet

The System 5-MC supports the HUI & Mackie command protocol allowing control of applications such as Pro Tools, Digital Performer, & Final Cut Pro. MC Pro supports the HUI & Mackie command protocols to allow control of applications such as Live, Record, Reason, and more. Commands are sent via Ethernet and appear from a virtual MIDI port in the DAW.

HUI & Mackie Control allows for fader level and touch sense, pan, aux send control, solo, plug-in selection and parameter control, record arm, and automation from the channel strips and from the faders and 8 soft knobs on the MC Pro.

Any DAW commands that are assigned to keystrokes can easily be programmed into the 56 LCD SmartSwitches, including transport controls, which extends MC Pro’s control even further. The edit wheel can be used for jog and shuttle as well as for zooming and selection in the editor. The MC Pro will also receive MTC and display it on the touchscreen.