Level 2 - SmartSwitches

The MC Pro uses LCD display SmartSwitches to intelligently display switch functions.

The MC's LCD display SmartSwitches can be programmed to send everything from complex macros and simple keystroke commands, such as Ctrl-X, to complex macro commands and named so their function is obvious. Users can lay out keys in any order and with any function to build a surface that matches their way of working. Key mappings are saved to 'Application Sets', which automatically change as each different application is activated. Avid supplies default Application Sets for a number of programs but these can be modified by the user and saved. This means that the MC Pro speeds up operation of ANY workstation application including professional video editing and audio workstation applications that have hundreds of keystroke commands.

Keys can also be locked to a particular EUCON application even if it is buried in the background - for example transport controls for a EUCON media player.

The displays can be set to show any character set including Japanese so that operators can see functions in their native language.

There are three groups of SmartSwitches - the two Edit Controller sections each with 16 switches next to the trackballs, and the Soft Keys which include 24 switches above the keyboard. Dedicated bank switches can be found next to the SmartSwitch sections.