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Connect and engage with audiences like never before

Today's broadcast industry is going through unprecedented change. In order to survive and thrive in this transformative era, broadcasters need to increase collaboration among their teams, optimize the value of their media assets, and deliver higher-quality media that engages audiences on multiple screens.

Our Avid Everywhere vision for broadcast solves these unique needs by providing leading-edge solutions built upon the Avid MediaCentral Platform—the industry’s most open, extensible, and customizable media platform. The Avid MediaCentral Platform enables you to streamline your entire media workflow—from creation to monetization—with greater flexibility. Plus, the platform provides the utmost security and protection to safeguard your content and assets.

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+ Engage audiences through higher-quality media

Today, broadcasters are operating in an increasingly competitive media market—audiences consume media in entirely new ways, and their tastes have become more refined. In order to connect with sophisticated viewers, media, broadcast, and entertainment companies need to produce high-quality content that engages audiences.

Avid solutions streamline the creation and production processes, with workflows that automate and simplify non-creative tasks. By enabling media professionals to focus more on creative decisions and effective storytelling, broadcasters can produce higher-quality media and connect with audiences more effectively.

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+ Work more efficiently through remote collaboration

Collaboration is the cornerstone of successful broadcasting. In order to accelerate the creation and production processes, media professionals need workflows that enable them to connect with others across multiple rooms, facilities, and time zones.

Our new cloud-based video production solutions centered on Interplay | Production and ISIS shared storage workflows enable editors, producers, and journalists to upload, access, edit, share, log, track, and sync media and projects in real time—anywhere in the world. When you combine these solutions with Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere), you can take newsroom or media production everywhere.

Learn about MediaCentral | UX (formerly Interplay Central)

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+ Deliver content across multiple platforms

Audiences are consuming media on more screens and devices than ever before, so it’s important for broadcasters to leverage technology to distribute finished content to multiple platforms quickly and efficiently. By connecting Media | Distribute (formerly Interplay Pulse) to your platform, you can automate and streamline publication to the web, mobile devices, and social channels, making multiplatform distribution faster and more intuitive than ever.

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+ Manage and maximize the value of your media

In order to manage an exponentially increasing amount of media assets and optimize their value, broadcast organizations need to leverage cutting-edge media management solutions. Avid’s industry-leading Interplay | MAM (media asset management) solution features intuitive, timesaving workflows, which enable broadcasters to:

  • Streamline media lifecycle management from acquisition to delivery
  • Derive more revenue from owned or licensed assets
  • Reduce time to market and increase audience share
  • Rapidly respond to competitive threats and new opportunities
  • Grow top line revenues, market share, and brand

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Learn about ISIS | 2500 nearline storage

+ Streamline disparate workflows

As the new media value chain continues to evolve, so do the needs of broadcasters. However, most current technology solutions on the market involve piecing together products from multiple vendors, leading to questionable compatibility and an unproductive workflow.

The Avid MediaCentral Platform changes that, providing all of the common underlying media services, connectivity, and orchestration capabilities that tightly integrate your production processes together into one cohesive media factory. It connects Avid and other vendors together to streamline and standardize your entire workflow—from content creation to media monetization—all from a single, proven technology leader focused exclusively on addressing the needs of media professionals.

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+ Scale workgroups and systems—on demand

Production requirements can be hard to anticipate—they can change rapidly, often in the middle of a project. It’s crucial for media professionals to leverage solutions that are easily scalable, so they can adapt quickly to changing demands to produce high-quality, timely media.

Easily scale the number of editors on your team

Avid is the only technology provider that offers broadcasters the choice of subscription, floating, or perpetual licenses. With the new Media Composer | Software subscription and floating license offerings, you can now scale your workgroup as needed—even at a moment’s notice. Add additional Media Composer seats on a month-to-month basis when production demands extra editors.

With floating licensing, you can quickly and easily distribute licenses across your facility, on demand, from a single, centralized server. Or own the software outright with a perpetual license. And because Media Composer editors can collaborate both locally and remotely, you can extend your production beyond the walls of your facility.

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Get superior flexibility with ISIS shared storage

ISIS shared storage systems provide unparalleled flexibility to handle today’s massive increase in digital assets. By enabling everyone on your team to access content at the same time, you can connect media professionals in distributed and complex workflow environments using a single integrated platform. And ISIS makes it easy to expand the system while sustaining real-time performance, so you can scale your system to accommodate project changes quickly and efficiently.

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+ Partner with a global community of professionals

The Avid Customer Association (ACA) is a comprehensive initiative designed to help lead the media industry forward. Run by and for the media community, the ACA provides essential strategic leadership, collaboration with industry leaders and visionaries, and a forum to address the most important issues facing the media industry—including the needs of broadcasters.

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