AAX Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is AAX?

A: AAX (Avid Audio eXtension) is a new unified plug-in format that comes in two flavors:

With AAX, you can share sessions between DSP-accelerated Pro Tools systems and native-based Pro Tools systems and continue using the same plug-ins. Your sessions will sound exactly the same, regardless of the rig you’re using.

Q: Why did Avid create a new plug-in format?

A: In order to create a 64-bit version of Pro Tools, it was necessary to develop a plug-in architecture that supports 64-bit processing. AAX was created for the future, and will pave the way for Pro Tools technology advancements down the road.

Q: Will my TDM and RTAS plug-ins work in Pro Tools 11?

A: No, Pro Tools 11 does not support TDM or RTAS plug-ins. You’ll need to update to AAX versions of your plug-ins.

Q: Are all third-party manufacturers updating their plug-ins to AAX format?

A: Many third-party manufacturers have transitioned (or are in the process of transitioning) their plug-ins to AAX. For the latest details, visit our plug-in finder.

Q: I’m already using AAX plug-ins in Pro Tools/Pro Tools HD 10. Will these plug-ins continue working in Pro Tools 11?

A: The AAX plug-ins you’re been using in Pro Tools 10 are 32-bit. Therefore, it will be necessary to update your AAX plug-ins to 64-bit versions in order for them to work in Pro Tools/Pro Tools HD 11.

Your Pro Tools 11 installer includes installation files for all currently available Avid 64-bit AAX plug-ins. We’re working closely with our development partners to ensure that 64-bit versions of their AAX plug-ins are released very soon. For the latest info, check out our plug-in finder.