Communications Facilities

System 5 includes a comprehensive communications system including talkback, listenback, oscillator and slate. The Comms Ctrl button, just above the main monitor controls, brings up all the communications options on the Panel Viewer. See also next page for details of the Quick Keys panel which is also used for fast access to comms facilities.

Two talkback mic inputs are available with phantom power. One talkback mic is provided and is normally situated in the engineers position, a second can be added for the producer and located elsewhere in the control room. A remote talkback enable switch input is provided.

Mon A, B, C and D are usually used for SLS or Cue feeds.

Talkback features:

• Talkback to Mon A
• Talkback to Mon B
• Talkback to Mon C
• Talkback to Mon D
• Talkback to all 4 Monitors
• Individual level control of each talkback mic
• Talkback keys can latch or be momentary
• Talback to Aux sends
• Main CR monitor dims during talkback
• Mon A, B, C or D dims during talkback

Four listenback mic inputs are available on the analog patch. These include phantom power and individual level controls.

Listenback features:

• Listenback to Main Control Room Monitor
• Listenback to Alt 1 Monitor
• Listenback to Alt 2 Monitor
• Listenback can follow CR Speakers
• Listenback to Mon A, B, C, D
• 4 Listenback On/Off Switches
• Listenback can be latching or momentary
• Listenback can be set to dim CR speakers

Digital oscillator again accesible from the Comms Control key and keys on the Panel Viewer.


• Dedicated 100Hz, 440Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz and user settable key
• Sine or Pink Noise
• Oscillator level control
• Osc to Mix Sections
• Osc to Group Buses
• Osc to Aux Sends
• Osc to All above

Slate allows a low level tone to be added to talkback signals and fed to the group and mix buses. Used with analog machines as a marker tone at the head of takes so that a tone can be heard as a mark during rewind.


• Slate Level Adjust
• Slate Frequency Adjust
• Slate to Group Buses
• Slate to Mix Sections
• Slate to All above