Master Facilities

Central Assignable Controls
A source can be brought to the center section strip in the CM401-T Master Module either from one of the strips, by pressing the Wave key, or by selecting a channel from the 32 keys on the optional CM402-T Sub-Master module. These 32 keys, together with source names and ON keys, are located just above the 8 assignable faders and can scroll through all the channels and control groups on the console. Once a strip has been brought to the center, control is exactly the same as on a strip elsewhere on the console. The CM402-T module, as shown below, has 40 extra knobs together with more displays and switches that are available for expanded EQ, Dynamics, Aux, Input, Group and Mix bus controls. The screen at the top shows extra metering and larger graphs for EQ and Dynamics.

Control Groups
Up to 48 control groups are available. They act just like VCA or DCA control groups with functions such as nested groups and coalesce. These groups may be brought up on a Strip anywhere on the console as well as on the 8 central Assignable Strip faders. System 5 control groups include all channel functions which is very useful as it allows overall master level control of sets of pans, EQ and aux sends.

CM402-T Sub-Master Module

32 Source Select Keys
These 32 buttons in the optional CM402-T module make it very easy to move around the console from the sweet spot. The display shows the channel name, and the right button beneath each display selects this channel to the center strip.

The left button can act as an On/Off or a Solo button. The Page keys at the bottom allow the 32 buttons to page to more channels. These controls may also be switched to select control groups

8 Assignable Strip Faders

At the bottom of the optional CM402-T are 8 faders. These can be assigned to control any channel, control group or multi-format master.