Interfaces to the Analog & Digital Worlds

Internally, System 5 uses MADI to route and patch digital audio. MADI is a very stable and robust AES sanctioned format that allows up to 64 channels of digital audio (at 24-bit, 48kHz) along a single coax cable.

To interface to analog and other digital formats such as AES/EBU, Avid provides a full range of high quality converters in multi-channel, 19” rack mounting cases.

All signals such as Aux sends, mix minus/group outputs, mix outputs, channel inputs, inserts and dynamic key inputs are MADI and require the Avid converters for analog or AES/EBU connection. Commercial MADI converters are also available including PCI cards for connecting MADI into and out of PCs.

Because the system is modular, it is easy to start working with the System 5 in an analog environment and then add digital converters in future as more of the facility’s sources move to digital.

AM713 Analog to MADI Converter
26 balanced analog on XLR plus an AES or S/PDIF pair to MADI.

MA703 MADI to Analog Converter
MADI to 26 balanced analog on XLR plus an AES or S/PDIF pair.

DM714 AES/EBU to MADI Converter
13 AES/EBU pairs on 110ohm XLR, or 75ohm BNC, with two extra analog balanced inputs plus an AES or S/PDIF pair to MADI.

MD704 MADI to AES/EBU Converter
MADI to 13 AES/EBU pairs on 110ohm XLR or 75ohm BNC withtwo extra analog balanced outputs plus an AES or S/PDIF pair.

MI715 Analog to MADI Converter
16 balanced analog line level inputs and 8 AES/EBU digital inputs plus an AES or S/PDIF pair to MADI.

MO705 MADI to Analog Converter
MADI to 16 balanced analog line level outputs and 8 AES/EBU digital outputs plus an AES or S/PDIF pair.

ML530 Remote Mic Preamp
24 remote controlled mic preamps with XLR inputs. Usually supplied with AM713 Analog to MADI converter. The mic preamps are controlled remotely using TCC serial control from the SC263 Studio Computer.

Modular I/O System
The new range of modular converters is based around a 3RU 19” chassis conforming to the DIN 41494 specification with dual redundant power supplies. Cards may be fitted in slots at the front and the rear for high density configurations. Although designed primarily for broadcast use, modules such as the SDI de/embedders may be useful in a post or music facility. 16 different cards are available offering many different I/O combinations including:

FC726 Digital Format Converter with SRC
Bi-directional digital format conversion of up to 56 channels with sample rate conversion. Formats supported; MADI, SPDIF-2, ProDigi, TDIF, ADAT Optical, AES/EBU. 56 channels of AES/EBU are always available regardless of what formats are being used.

FT730 FiberTran
Fiber Optic MADI Extender
The FT730 FiberTran can extend MADI and Digital Sync for up to 1km over fiber optic cable. The FT730 can also extend TCC control to an ML530 mic pre or the MC524 monitor controller when used with a Avid System 5 or Max Air console.

For more detailed information about these units go the Converter section of this website.