DF70 DSP SuperCore with MADI I/O & Router

The new lightweight and compact DF70 DSP SuperCore is the primary signal-processing engine and router for System 5 digital mixing consoles. It is comprised of a system board and up to eight plug-in SP663 DSP cards. The SuperCore has more than enough DSP horsepower, system functionality, and reliability to satisfy today's demanding music and post applications.

The DSP SuperCore provides:

DSP SuperCore Features
The DSP SuperCore is packed with advanced features that stand out from the competition:

DSP SuperCore Upgrades DF70

More Channels and Faster Performance for System 5 and S5 Fusion

The DF70 SuperCore is the latest digital signal processing engine specifically designed for System 5 film, post and music consoles. The DF70 continues the tradition of offering the most powerful digital signal processing capability with the highest quality sound. Utilizing exclusive Shark technology, the DF70 features eight new SP663 Signal Processing modules in a 4RU package. This provides over 400 channels of audio with full processing at 48kHz or over 200 channels at 96kHz. In addition, the DF70 provides up to 32 MADI I/O. At 48kHz, this equates to an integrated 2048 x 2048 signal matrix controlled from the console’s PatchNet software.

The DF70 complements the scalable DF66 SuperCore and provides an alternative for film, post, and music studios seeking large channel counts. The DF66 is perfect for Broadcast applications and smaller music and post installations as it is capable of full 100% redundancy - an industry first, and capable of up to 300 channels at 48Khz. EQ, filter, and dynamics algorithms are identical in both products, each featuring the award-winning System 5 sound. All channels also feature multi-second broadcast alignment delay, while transparent delay management guarantees phase-coherency between channels regardless of the signal processing blocks inserted across the channel paths.

SC263 Studio Computer

The new SC263 Studio Computer runs the eMix software which includes the file management system and the PatchNet software. It includes twin drives set up as a RAID array for redundant storage of all data. There is a separate keyboard and mouse for this computer and an external screen for showing the eMix software. Alternatively, instead of an external screen, a CM411 Video Display Module (similar to a CM409-F blank module but with a TFT display) can be purchased to have the eMix display integrated into the main console surface.

The SC263 includes an Ethernet port for connection to the System 5 LAN and is fitted with two controller cards: