Session Management

eMix is the management software program for System 5 and runs on a screen that sits next to the console. The program comprises of the following modules:

System 5 has the following file heirarchy: Drives - Projects - Titles - Mixes, SnapShots, Cues, Layouts, Meter Presets, PatchNet state. A project is a folder which contains Titles.

A project would be an album name or a film name. The Titles are where all the important data relating to a session is stored. A Title would be a song name or a reel of a film.

eMix Directory Screen - click for high res

The directory includes all the features you would expect from a file management system such as copy, paste, rename, open and close. The eMix computer includes a large hard disk, recordable CD-ROM drive and floppy drive. The CD-Rom can be used to store and remove Project/Title information. Loading a Title brings back all the stored information about that title including Dynamic Mixes, SnapShots, Layouts, Meter Presets and most importantly the PatchNet digital patchbay.

See the Patchnet Overview Section for more information.

Mixer Models
eMix allows the combination of channels, buses and externals to be changed very simply so that the system can be tailored to each application.

Mix, Group, Fold-Down, External Setup
- Sections of eMix allow the mix and group bus formats, external formats and monitor fold down to be defined. See page describing this setup.