System 5 Multi-Operator Configuration

Multi-Operator Console
In a multi-operator film post environment, the user experiences a single, large console that allows multiple operators. In reality, each section is a unique System 5 console, which allows a maximum number of channels per operator. The Mix and Solo buses are normally linked across the consoles. Often the Aux and Group buses are not linked but local to each operator. In a two-operator system, one console usually handles the FX and the other Music and Dialog. Only one console, designated the Master, uses its monitor matrix. Each operator has a Film Post Panel located in their section. These large systems can be configured with hundreds of inputs and up to 96 mix buses.

Solo Linking
Although the consoles are almost entirely independent (i.e., file system, automation system, snapshots, groups, etc.), the solo system can be linked across consoles.

Machine Control
Film environments often require both operators to share control over the machines. A single TT007 can combine the machine control commands from two consoles.