System 5 Film Monitoring Panel

Film Post-Production Monitoring Panel
The Film and Post Monitoring Panel fulfills the requirements for a traditional PEC/Direct monitoring system for the film post-production environment. It can be used in single and multi-operator System 5 consoles. Up to four Film Post Panels can be installed in a system.

The Film Monitor module is divided into two distinct parts: the traditional PEC/DIR panel on the left, and an additional utility panel to the right. The right panel duplicates most of the master section’s monitoring and setup functions.

The PEC/DIR Panel
This panel houses the traditional paddles used for PEC/DIR, Bus/Playback, or Bus/Tape switching. The second sets of paddles are used to put track(s) into record. There are eight paddle strips, with associated switches above them, and a master control strip. Bus/Tape switching on the paddles is between the Mix Sections and their associated returns. However, it is possible to switch not only the whole bus section but the individual buses (legs). By default, each mix bus section is assigned to a paddle. The master simply controls all linked bus sections at once, (i.e., hit the On switch on the master and all linked On switches turn On). The bus section name appears in the four-character display. All operations take place within the console’s existing monitor matrix and affect only the main (CR) monitors. Turn a section On and it is sent to the monitors (same as the CM401-T monitor section), solo a section and anything currently assigned to the main monitors is removed, leaving only the required section. The Ready switch enables dropping the tracks associated with the bus-section into record using the record paddle.

Speaker Re-Assign
The system automatically sends mix buses to the correct monitor bus based on the bus section format. For example, when monitoring FX, the left bus of the section is automatically sent to the left monitor bus. It is sometimes required to override this assignment and send a mix bus to a different monitor bus than was intended. It is possible to use the Exp/Sel keys above the displays on the PEC/DIR paddle to select buses within a section. When a bus is selected, the Speaker Re-Assign panel illuminates the current monitor bus assignment. Selecting a different speaker from the panel re-assigns the bus within the monitor matrix.

CM403 TFT Display
The TFT screen displays meters and an overview of the monitor bus assignments. The top half of the screen displays metering. The lower half of the screen displays 48 mix buses across the top, the first eight bus sections down the side, and the eight speaker (main monitor bus) outputs.