Each channel has two digital inputs labelled A and B. Controls for each input include:

Patching Input Sources (PatchNet)
The PatchNet routing system is used to patch sources to inputs. Any sources within the system, such as mix-minus/group outputs or externals may be sent to these inputs.

External MADI inputs can also be directly patched. For Analog, AES/EBU and other digital sources the Avid converters are used. See the Converter section for details.

Mic/Line Preamp
For variable gain analog mic inputs Avid provides the ML 530 with 24 mic/line input preamps and the AM713 analog to digital converter. If this is connected to the system the controls for phantom power, input impedance, high pass filter and gain are available on the channel strip.

This can also act as a direct box, providing correct impedance matching with balanced outputs plus the benefit of gain control.