EUCON Hybrid (2)

DAWs running the EUCON Client Application are highlighted in the sub-panel and can be selected for access by the S5 Fusion.

DAW Tracks can be assigned to any strip in any order and saved using Layouts (up to 48 Layouts). Auto-Assign works just the same as with normal S5 Fusion channel strip assignments. DAW tracks also appear in the list of available sources when assigning directly from the strip. DAW tracks can be independently placed on the control surface. For example, Pro Tools track 1 could be placed next to its track 24 which could be followed by track 14 from a Nuendo system.

The MC Controller includes multiple banks of 24 SmartSwitches, programmed with keystroke or EUCON commands, which are saved in Application Sets specific to each application. These Soft Keys are available for use on the S5 Fusion and appear on the Main Panel for the selected DAW.

The S5 Fusion includes a jog/shuttle wheel at the bottom of the CM401-T center section. One of the most useful features of EUCON control is the ability to assign different functions to this wheel. As well as Jog and Shuttle the wheel may also be used for adjusting clip based functions in some EUCON DAWs such as trim head/tail, fade in/out, slip, move and clip gain.

Automation functionality of DAW tracks is dependent on the features within each DAW. Any fader, knob or switch automation for DAW tracks is written directly to the DAW software and is not associated with the Avid S5 Fusion automation of DSP card channels. Faders are touchsensitive and knobs include auto-pickup functionality. Any automation playing back from the DAW will move the appropriate faders, and display changes on the knob LED rings and switches.

The Main Panel provides access to Tracks and Soft Keys for each connected workstation. With Tracks displayed (upper photo), the list of tracks currently available from the application in focus on the connected workstation is shown - ready for placement on the surface. With Soft Keys selected (lower photo) the selected DAWs soft keys are available for sending out EUCON commands and Keystroke commands to the DAW.