Master Facilities (3)

Communications Facilities
S5 Fusion includes a comprehensive communications system including talkback, listenback, oscillator and slate. The Comms Ctrl button, just above the main monitor controls, brings up all the communications options on the Main panel. The Quick Keys panel (shown opposite) can also used for fast access to comms facilities.

Two talkback mic inputs are available with phantom power. One talkback mic is provided and is normally situated in the engineers position, a second can be added for the producer and located elsewhere in the control room. A remote talkback enable switch input is provided. Mon A, B, C and D are usually used for SLS or Cue feeds.

Listenback Four Listenback mic inputs are available. These include phantom power and individual level controls. Listenback features

Digital oscillator accessible from the Comms Control key and keys on the Main panel. Features:

Quick Access Panel
This panel has 4 sets of 5 keys, factory set for quick access to commonly used comms features. The four buttons at the top bring up four sets of 5 keys, the one shown right is the set of talkback keys.

Bus Masters
Bus Masters are controlled from the 8 knobs and function select switches in the middle of the console. The knobset can be switched between Group, Mix and Aux Bus Masters using the function select keys at the bottom of the knobset. The page key allows the 8 knobs to switch between sets of 8 controls (1-8, 9-16 etc.)

Each master has a gain trim and On/Off switch plus an insert. For a Mix Section this will control the gain of all the buses within the section. For the Mix Masters the upper switch next to each knob switches the knobs to allow On/Off and gain trim for individual buses within each Section. The user can lock the bus masters so the point of reference is always the same.

Master Fader
The Master Fader in the middle of the center section controls all Mix Section output levels. It can also be locked out.