Bus Routing and Aux Sends

Number of Buses - Mixer Models
The number of Mix, Group and Aux buses available in a S5 Fusion console is dependent on the number of DSP cards and the selected Mixer Model. A second DSP card may be added at any time to increase the number of channels.

Bus Processing
The new DSP cards support up to 8 dedicated bus processors comprising filters and dynamics that can be attached to any mix, group or aux bus and controlled from a Strip.

Mix Buses
Up to 32 mix buses are available, configured in Sections (Stems) to allow mixing to different formats. For example, a stereo mix section has two individual buses and a 5.1 mix section has six. Up to 16 mix sections may be simply configured from the eMix setup software and each may be given a name. S5 Fusion supports up to 32 individual mix buses. Formats are Mono, Stereo, LCRS, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 plus custom formats. Routing a source to a Mix Section is done from the switches on the Knobset after first pressing the Route - Mix key. Just as with the Aux sends, as shown right, each On/Off key switches the signal to that bus section. The channel signal may be routed to all buses in that section with or without the pan inserted. It is also possible to route to individual buses (direct assign) in each section, for example, just the center bus of a 5.1 mix section.

Group Buses
Up to 24 audio group/DAW send buses are available. They can be set to formats from mono thru 7.1. Routing is similar to Mix buses by pressing the Route - Group key then using the knobset On/Off switches. For traditional sub-group control these buses may be brought back into channels that can act as audio sub-group masters - note that dedicated bus processing is also available. The Group knobsets also include an overall group send level control.

Aux Send
Up to 16 Aux sends are available and can be configured in mono or stereo pairs. Press the Aux function key to bring up the Aux sends on the knobset. The example on the right shows typical Aux sends with 1 & 2 working as a stereo send with pan. Sends can be individually set to feed pre or post-fader and can be used as effects sends or foldback sends. Aux masters are controlled from the center section and include individual talkback and tone insert provisions. Each send may be named to reflect its destination. Aux sends can be flipped to be controlled from the faders - very useful for setting complex monitor mixes and sends