PatchNet - Digital Patchbay/Router

Max Air has 96 channels, although it can be fitted with many more inputs depending on the amount of I/O hardware installed.

PatchNet is an on-screen1024 x 1024 (basic config size) digital router that replaces a conventional patchbay and handles all console inputs, outputs and internal routing. The touchscreen includes all patch functions -simply select a source and a destination and make the patch. All patches are stored with the Title.

Some studios may want to add optional analog patchbays for monitors, analog inserts and patchable mic or line inputs, together with analog outputs. All these analog sources and outputs are converted to and from digital and can be routed using PatchNet.

Setup and Titles
Max Air also includes software for console setup functions (naming of inputs for example) and for saving and naming projects and titles to disk. All these functions are handled from the touchscreen.