SnapShot Recall & Layouts

SnapShot Recall
SnapShot Recall revolutionizes console operation as it allows all settings, including routing, EQ and levels, to be stored for instant recall. Shows that repeat can be setup in a matter of seconds and modified each time to improve on the console mix and setup over time. Different operators can work on the same show without having to learn the entire routing and show setup every time.

The way channel signal paths are controlled by the physical channel strips can be saved to Layout. This is one of the most powerful features of Max Air. Setup the channel strips to control a set of like channels and save this as a Layout. Layouts can be named and recalled at the push of a button. They let the engineer logically put similar sources together for instant recall.

For example, on a 32 channel strip console, one Layout could have mics 1-16, OB Sources 17-24 and VTRs 25-32. Another Layout could bring up mics 1-16 and another set of router feeds onto strips 17-32. Another could simply have the first 8 mics on strips 25-32. It allows the operator to layout the console to match the application, or section of the show.