Master Facilities

Max Air includes all the master features you would expect from a professional broadcast console including controls for the monitors, solo, talkback and oscillator.

Max Air has five monitor outputs; Control Room (main and two alternates), and the SLS/Cue outputs Mon A, B, C and D.

Each of the 5 monitor feeds can select from External Devices, the Mix Outputs, and the Aux sends.

The format of the main control room monitors, and Mon A can handle up to an 8 output surround format. Even the Alt 2 outputs can handle 6 speakers which is very useful for a second set of control room speakers when mixing in surround. Group outputs are usually monitored on the Strips but can also be picked up by the External inputs using PatchNet.

Wild Faders
The 8 wild faders located under the touchscreen can be assigned to control channels or groups. Their function is saved with the console layouts for easy store of different setups.

As well as the meters next to faders on each Channel Strip, channels may be metered in high resolution on the touch screen. Master outputs and Aux sends are also metered on the screen.

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