The Mix buses are grouped in Sections to allow mixing to different formats. For example a stereo mix section has two individual buses and a 5.1 mix section has six. Up to 16 mix sections may be simply configured and named. Max Air supports up to 32 individual mix buses. The channel signal may be routed to all buses in that Section with or without the pan. It is also possible to route to individual buses (direct assign) in each section, for example, just the center bus of a 5.1 mix section.

Clean Feed/Group Matrix Buses
24 Clean Feed/Group Matrix buses are available from any of the 96 channels. They can be set to any format from mono thru 7.1 but are usually configured as mono outputs. They are useful where feeds need to be created for mix minus' requiring more than one channel is subtracted; studio floor feeds, PA zones, or conventional multitrack buses. They are also useful as audio subgroup buses.

Aux Sends:
24 Aux Sends are available as mono or stereo pairs individually set to feed pre or post-fader. They can be used as effects sends or foldback sends. 12 sends allows for a send per effects device.