The PatchNet routing system described later in this tour is used to patch sources to channel inputs. Each channel signal path has two inputs, A and B.

Max Air sources are connected to the DSP core by 16 MADI inputs, each capable of up to 64 inputs (at 24-bit 44.1 or 48Khz).

Avid supplies a range of high quality analog, AES/EBU or direct digital format converters for connecting the outside world to the 16 MADI inputs.

Even though there are 160 channel signal paths, it is possible to connect up to 1024 sources to the system.

All inputs have a phase reverse, delay and digital gain.

Remote multi-channel mic preamps controlled from the console may also be fitted. For mic sources there are also controls for phantom power, input impedance, high pass filter and analog mic preamp gain.