Modular Control Surface

The Max Air control surface is comprised of two modules, the 16 fader channel strip module (CM416 shown far right) and the master section - Superchannel module (CM404 shown left).

The CM416 can be fitted with 8 faders on the left or 8 faders on the right and a half width blank for users to fit third party metering and other devices.

The control surface can be configured with one CM404 master section and up to 48 channel strips in any position to match operational preferences and space constraints. The modules can be mounted on a desk, in custom furniture or onto the Max Air stand.

As the only connection to each module is a high speed Ethernet and power cable, the position of the modules is completely flexible. The modules do not have to sit next to each other opening up many custom layout possibilities including wings and 90 degree angles for wrap around configurations.

The Max Air shown right has (left to right) 16 channel strips, touchscreen & wildfaders, Superchannel and then a further 16 channel strips.