Going Digital - More Features, Lower Price

The whole broadcast chain is moving rapidly to a fully digital world. Converting to a digital audio system such as Max Air increases the features available to the operator and simplifies the technical installation of the system.

Max Air can control large numbers of inputs in a small space and has been ergonomically designed to speed up operation. The use of 'Layouts' to bring up groups of channels in front of the operator makes it much easier to mix large number of inputs.

SnapShot Recall of all console settings allows fast turn around between different shows and accurate recall for continuity from one week to the next.

Another major advantage of digital is the pricing compared to analog systems. Max Air is highly cost effective as a system and also reduces the cost of a typical installation especially when using digital connection solutions such as MADI.

Max Air also allows for direct digital connection to other systems within the facility including digital routers. From the time the signal is converted at Max Air's input to final transmission the signal can remain secure in the digital domain.