MC Pro Package

The MC Pro package is made up of the MC Pro controller, external power supply, and includes keyboard, PC and Mac OS X EUCON Client Application software. The MC Pro also comes with Application Sets which include SmartSwitch shortcuts for many DAW and video edit applications. Display and DAW software are not included.

Workstation Requirements

The MC Pro can connect to any high-speed workstation running with Mac OS X, Windows XP, or Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit). A multiple processor workstation is highly recommended to ensure the DAW or video editor has enough horsepower. With Mac OS X a multiple core Mac Pro is recommended.

3rd Party Products

ProTools 9, Logic, Digital Performer, SONAR, Final Cut Pro, and Soundtrack Pro all includes full EUCON support for total integration with the MC Pro. If the MC Pro is to be connected to Nuendo it can be supplied with the Nuendo EUCON Adaptor which is compatible with Nuendo version 3.1 or higher. To connect to Pyramix, Version 5 is required and an OASIS key must be purchased from a Pyramix reseller. To switch between multiple workstations a GPIO relay switch box is available for connection to a DVI switch such as the Gefen range of DVI matrix switchers for automatic screen selection. Any I/O that is compatible with the DAW can be used.