Application Sets and SmartSwitches

One of the most exciting aspects of the MC Pro surface is its ability to switch automatically between applications - all controls on the surface switch to match whichever application is made active on the workstation.

And MC Pro automatically detects not only the application but also if it is a EUCON application, such as Pro Tools 9 or Nuendo, or a Mackie Control application such as Live, and sets the control mode accordingly. The setup of the MC Pro surface is saved to an Application Set.

The MC Pro ships with a number of built-in default Application Sets for popular applications. Users can copy default Application Sets and modify them to their way of working. When a user logs in, the MC Pro can access all the available Application Sets for that user.

Remember that the user can build Application Sets for any application, from Excel, Word, Internet Explorer, Entourage through to the most sophisticated applications such as Pro Tools, Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and so on.

EUCON aware applications also have Application Sets but these contain a higher level of control layouts and mapping to match the higher level of EUCON communication. With EUCON applications, lists of the application's functions are available for mapping to the SmartSwitches. With non-EUCON applications, functions are accessed by programming keyboard shortcuts.