The MC Pro Soft Rotary Control Section - Plug-Ins

8 touch sensitive rotary knobs with LED display rings are available for control of EQ, Dynamics and any other plug-in that requires multiple knobs.

These can be programmed to send out HUI or Mackie Control data but are more effective when used with EUCON aware applications as they can be set to intelligently pick up functions such as EQ, dynamics, aux sends, or plug-ins.

Left and right keys are available to page within a single processor. Knobset assignments for plug-ins or other processors can be saved. 8 knobs can be set to operate on 1 channel/track or 4 each on 2 channels/tracks.

The SmartSwitch LCD displays can show knob function. Switches are available for automation and other knob related functions.

The 9th knob situated to the left is an assignable control that automatically picks up the current active control in the application. For example, if you move the pointer over a pan control in a EUCON aware software application, that knob will act as a pan control. The knob can be locked on a particular function.