Faders or Joysticks and Workstation Selection Switches

High quality faders, joysticks and workstation select switches are situated in the upper right corner of the MC Pro.

Two options are available for the upper right hand area of the MC Pro. The stand-alone version is usually fitted with 4 faders. The MC Pro supplied in a System 5-MC includes a pair of joysticks.

The faders are the same high quality professional long-throMackie Control or high-resolution control of track levels in EUCON applications. The metering LEDS to the left of the faders can show audio levels from EUCON aware applications. On, solo and record keys operate on the selected tracks. Page keys, nudge keys and 'Layouts' are available via the touch screen for setting the faders to control different sections of a DAW console or for assigning any combination of tracks to the faders. 6 Strip Control buttons associated with the faders facilitie selecting tracks to faders.

The Joysticks can send out HUI or Mackie Control data as well as operate intelligently with EUCON aware applications for surround panning.

To the right are a set of keys that can be used when the MC Pro is controlling multiple workstations using an external switch which is available separately.