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Major Announcements

  • InGame: sports marketing
    • - Create exhilarating fan experiences
    • - Production, graphics, archive solution
    • - Turnkey integration and support
  • Avid Advantage: support plans
    • - The help and advice you need
    • - Real-world experience and expertise
    • - Multi-tiered offers and upgrade options


Imagine it's your job to create the most exciting, compelling content in the news, sports, TV, and film industries. Avid helps you achieve the level of excellence necessary to turn your company into tomorrow's media enterprise with unique solutions for each industry segment.

Achieve News

Imagine you've got major news stories breaking everywhere and an understaffed newsroom coping as best they can with an inundation of content coming in. With the industry's most integrated, interconnected newsroom solutions, Avid can help you achieve a new level of production capability. Learn more

Achieve Sports

Imagine you've got a stadium full of fans you need to get out of their seats and onto their feet. Now you can achieve a level of entertainment that keeps those fans coming back or tuning in time after time-no matter how your team is doing on the field. Learn more

Achieve TV

Imagine you need to produce a new, high-end reality show that features a few wrinkles TV audiences have never seen before. With the power to work quicker and more collaboratively, Avid can help you achieve the viewer engagement and ratings necessary to make your show an unqualified success. Learn more

Achieve Post

Imagine you have teams spread across the world working on everything from blockbuster films to commercials and corporate media. With Avid editorial, finishing, and audio workflows, you gain the collaborative performance and agility your business needs to achieve personal, critical, and financial success. Learn more