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Video professionals and post-production houses are facing unprecedented challenges. As media technology continues to evolve, projects are getting larger and more complex. It has become necessary to connect creative professionals in distributed workflow environments from wherever they may be. And there is unrelenting pressure to quickly create and deliver the high-quality content that today’s audiences demand.

Our Avid Everywhere vision for pro video solves these issues by providing integrated, cutting-edge solutions all built upon Avid MediaCentral, the industry’s most open and extensible platform. Our solutions enable you to streamline production, integrate workflows, and enhance collaboration, giving you the power and flexibility to create the best story possible.

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+ Manage and share massive amounts of media

In recent years, the complexity, size, and resolution of video projects have skyrocketed, making managing and archiving content the biggest challenge that professionals and facilities face. To meet this challenge, you need advanced media management systems that enable you to store, access, and share content quickly and efficiently.

Accelerate workflows and enhance collaboration

Interplay | Production manages and coordinates content creation, automates workflows, and empowers all contributors across the production and editorial ecosystem to easily work in parallel and complete projects faster. Everyone can connect, through a variety of devices—even a web browser or iOS device. Tasks such as media movement, transcoding, and proxy generation are orchestrated in the background while producers, editors, assistants, and reviewers around the world can find, arrange, edit, review, and annotate media—without wasting time looking for the right clip.

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Easily manage media and formats

Media Composer | Software offers 25 years of industry-proven media management innovation, keeping track of all your projects, assets, source material, rendered files, metadata, and more—plus, automating complex media tasks in the background—so you don’t have to.

And to ensure compatibility with the latest camera and media formats, Avid makes it easy for third-party manufacturers to develop AMA (Avid Media Access) plug-ins for use in Media Composer | Software and Media | Director.

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+ Streamline your workflow using a common platform

To help speed up workflows, collaboration, and accessibility to services everywhere, Avid has introduced the new Avid MediaCentral Platform—an open, extensible, and customizable foundation on which the entire Avid product suite is built, bringing the Avid Everywhere vision to life.

Whether you create or distribute content in a large media enterprise, post-production facility, or your own studio, the Avid MediaCentral Platform enables you to streamline your entire workflow—from media creation to monetization—with greater flexibility. Plus, the platform provides the utmost security and protection at its core to safeguard your content and assets, as currently evident in demanding Interplay | Production and iNEWS environments.

+ Leverage talent everywhere

In today’s pro video industry, collaborating with professionals worldwide isn’t optional—it’s essential. With Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere), you can extend real-time production everywhere, enabling editors to connect Media Composer | Software remotely to Interplay | Production on your platform and access, edit, and share the same media, and collaborate with others as if they were all in the same facility.

This remote collaboration also enables production companies shooting on location to accelerate dailies tasks and get a head start on editing. And by enabling team members to review and approve content remotely through the cloud, you can ensure that production never stops moving—regardless of proximity challenges.

+ Tell a compelling story

Whether you’re creating a Hollywood blockbuster or an indie film, today’s audiences expect an extremely high level of quality. To create content that will engage and entertain audiences, media professionals need workflows that free them from technological complexity and help them maximize their time in the creative zone.

Focus on telling a great story with Media Composer

Featuring professional timesaving tools used and trusted by the industry, Media Composer | Software enables you to automate media management tasks in the background, freeing up more time so you can focus on your story and deliver higher-quality content. You get the fastest file-based media workflows, ACE-certified tools, and the most trusted media management in the industry.

Accelerate high-res workflows

More and more content is being shot with high-res cameras, but the majority of programming is still HD. By adding Media Composer | Software to your platform, you can automate your high-res media ingest and start editing HD versions of your high-res sources immediately using the FrameFlex tool.

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+ Tackle projects with total scalability

The scale of projects is hard to anticipate—client expectations and requirements can change rapidly, often in the middle of a project. It’s crucial for video professionals to leverage solutions that are easily scalable, so they can adapt quickly to changing demands and take advantage of new projects and opportunities.

Easily scale the number of editors on your team

With the new Media Composer | Software subscription and floating license offerings, you can now scale your workgroup as needed—even at a moment’s notice. Simply add additional Media Composer seats on a month-to-month basis when production demands extra editors.

With floating licensing, you can quickly and easily distribute licenses across your facility, on demand, from a single, centralized server. And because Media Composer editors can collaborate both locally and remotely, you can extend your production beyond the walls of your facility. You’ll always have the flexibility and choice you need to best address your project requirements.

Get superior scalability with ISIS shared storage

ISIS shared storage systems provide unparalleled performance and scale to handle today’s massive increase in digital assets. With its efficient, linear bandwidth scaling, ISIS makes it easy to expand the system, while sustaining real-time performance. ISIS enables you to scale your workgroup, bandwidth, and capacity up or down to accommodate project changes, quickly and easily. You can even scale workspaces while contributors continue working—no need to take the system offline.

+ Make the most out of shrinking budgets

With technology budgets growing tighter, media professionals and facilities need to leverage cutting-edge creative solutions to stay ahead of the pack. The new Media Composer subscription options give you the choice of using the industry’s leading video software on a low-cost month-to-month basis—offering maximum flexibility and value to your business.

+ Partner with a global community of professionals

The Avid Customer Association (ACA) is a comprehensive initiative designed to help lead the media industry forward. Run by and for the media community, the ACA provides essential strategic leadership, collaboration with industry leaders and visionaries, and a forum to address the most important issues facing the media industry—including the needs of video professionals.

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