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Stand out in a crowded and competitive industry

The competition, work pace, and session complexity faced by audio professionals have never been more intense. Whether you’re an artist, producer, engineer, sound designer, remixer, or live sound professional, you need to stand apart from the crowd. But how? By overcoming production challenges, collaborating with other artists, creating the best-sounding music and audio, and promoting your work using powerful distribution methods.

Avid audio solutions enable you to create and deliver premium-quality audio, manage complex sessions and high volumes of digital assets, and operate more efficiently. With Avid, audio professionals of all backgrounds take on the most demanding sessions and maximize their creativity—without holding anything back. And our Avid Everywhere vision for audio promises to bring even greater possibilities.

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+ Create and deliver the highest-quality audio

Today, more than ever, audiences and music fans expect premium-quality sound. And whether audio professionals are working in a commercial studio, their home, or a performance venue, they’re challenged with delivering high-caliber results while meeting tight timelines and even tighter budgets.

Avid pro audio and live sound solutions feature software, audio I/O, and control surfaces that integrate seamlessly to deliver unparalleled performance and pristine sonic detail.

Our studio solutions are built around industry-standard Pro Tools | Software. With Pro Tools, you can create and mix using proven professional workflows, quickly overcome any production challenge, and achieve the quality required for success in today’s ultra-competitive industry.

And our proven and trusted live systems—all based on VENUE Software—deliver studio-quality sound, rock-solid reliability, integration with Pro Tools recording and plug-ins, and timesaving workflows.

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+ Get ready to promote and sell your work

The Avid Everywhere vision for pro audio includes a marketplace that will help you forge meaningful connections with the entire audio community—and beyond. It’s currently in development, and will enable artists, composers, and other content creators to easily market their material to anyone in the broader media community who needs licensed music and other audio assets.

The marketplace will enable you to:

  • Publish session files, multichannel stems, and stereo mixes directly from Pro Tools | Software for sale in the public marketplace
  • Gain exposure and opportunities to make money by connecting with media professionals looking to license music and sound assets—rights management will be easily taken care of
  • Quickly find professional-quality content in the style and formats you need, using powerful, deep, and searchable metadata

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+ Collaborate with others to create your best work

Many artists and musicians create their best work when they collaborate. In fact, collaboration is a must as the creative process becomes less centralized and projects move across multiple rooms, studios, and time zones. But this can pose a challenge if you’re separated by long distances.

To allow music and audio professionals to work together more efficiently, we’re working to add new cloud-based collaboration functionality to Pro Tools | Software. You’ll be able to access and share the same music or soundtrack session—in real time—no matter where you are. Real-time review and approval of sessions will be possible via iOS devices. And if you’re a musician, you’ll be able to collaborate with bandmates and fellow artists from wherever they may be—all via the cloud.

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+ Manage, protect, and track an increasing mass of media

The size and complexity of projects and sessions are growing at an exponential rate, making it ever more difficult to manage, protect, and track assets. That’s why robust media management and rich metadata are critical.

Manage a massive amount of media

If you’re an audio post facility owner, you need a system that streamlines processes and scales to handle changing needs. Avid’s cutting-edge media management, session archiving, and shared storage solutions can make your life in the studio easier than ever by enabling you to work more efficiently and handle massive amounts of audio assets.

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Track every asset and project created using a powerful metadata schema

As part of the Avid Everywhere vision for audio, we will integrate a universal open metadata schema into Pro Tools | Software that will enable you to document and track every asset and project created in the industry-standard DAW. Our metadata strategy is based on current industry standards and will extend throughout every phase of the media value chain, ensuring that nothing gets lost in transition or translation.

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+ Operate more efficiently in a competitive market

Over the last several years, pro audio industry economics have changed drastically—gone are the luxuries of unlimited budgets and flexible deadlines. Today’s audio professionals need to complete complex projects faster than ever in order to compete in the highly saturated music, film, and commercial marketplaces. Avid solutions feature hardware and software that work together optimally, so you can streamline your production process, complete projects faster, focus on the creative process, and get more work.

From creation to the final mix

When you're in the studio, you need solutions that help take your music from inspiration to completion. Pro Tools is the only digital audio workstation that offers the creative tools, powerful mixing capabilities, and industry-proven workflows you need to turn ideas into final, polished mixes.

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Finish complex post projects faster

Post-production professionals face intense pressure to finish projects on time and on budget. Deadlines and work requests often fluctuate, changing the requirements needed to complete the project. Avid post solutions feature reliable workflows that enable you to operate more efficiently, so you can get more done, quickly adapt to changing customer needs, and take on more projects.

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Dial in the perfect live mix

For live sound engineers, it’s crucial to have solutions that deliver amazing sound, proven reliability, and maximum flexibility. Avid consoles are the number one touring consoles in the world, featuring intuitive operation, rock-solid reliability, on-board plug-in processing, and seamless integration with Pro Tools. With Avid’s modular and scalable live solutions, you can reduce complexity, meet the demands of any gig, and spend more time dialing-in the perfect mix.

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Complete professional scores faster

Composers today are under pressure to deliver clean, accurate scores, often under tight deadlines. Sibelius is the fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music for live performance, film and television, and media entertainment. Featuring refined notation tools, Sibelius enables you to produce professional scores faster, so you can take on more work.

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+ Partner with a global community of professionals

The Avid Customer Association (ACA) is a comprehensive initiative designed to help lead the media industry forward. Run by and for the media community, the ACA provides essential strategic leadership, collaboration with industry leaders and visionaries, and a forum to address the most important issues facing the media industry—including the needs of audio professionals.

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