Analysis Pack Bundle


Get all the tools you need to measure, monitor, understand your audio signal and also reuse these measurements to control other plug-ins or any MIDI controllable hardware! Blue Cat's Peak Meter Pro plug-in will tell you everything about your audio levels. Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro and FreqAnalyst Multi plug-ins provide extremely smooth spectrum and frequency content analysis. Finally, the StereoScope plug-ins series let you visualize the stereo image of your audio content in details. While the 'Pro' plug-ins offer unique possibilities to create your own signal-controlled effects, the 'Multi' versions have unique multiple instances features to perform the analysis on several tracks or anywhere in a signal chain. Blue Cat Audio's analysis tutorials explain these capabilities in details.


  • Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro
  • Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi
  • Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro
  • Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi
  • Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi
  • Blue Cat's StereoScope Pro

Supported Platforms

Supports RTAS format on Windows and Mac (Win XP+/MacOS 10.5+)

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Product Quick Facts

Product: Analysis Pack Bundle

Company: Blue Cat Audio

Type: Plug-Ins

Category: MediaComposer

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